About Kingly Beardz

Kingly Beardz was created to produce and distribute high-quality natural products for Afro-American, Professional, Alpha Males so that they can have thicker, fuller, softer, great-smelling beards while avoiding harsh chemicals so that they are confident about how their beard looks and smell all day long.

At Kingly Beardz, we know that not every beardsman wants to smell like a lumberjact that sleeps in the woods or like you’re a 70s porn star, you want to look like the royalty that you are and feel irresistible. To get the poise you’ve been looking for with a full and healthy beard, you need to take your at-home grooming game to the next level.

But, here’s the problem, most products on the market aren’t intended for a diverse range of skin and hair types. In fact, very few of the products on the market are designed for men of color. We pride ourselves on providing the best organic, all-natual oils that were meant for men with coarse, curly and kinky hair.

However, at Kingly Beardz, we believe you deserve grooming solutions that raise your appearances, improve your health, and help you operate at your highest level confidently.

We understand the need for organic products and resources for beard care. That's why we’ve done extensive research and testing to discovery the most effective ingredients for our line of all-natural, and nourishing beardcare products. This helps you take the guess work out of groom for you with products designed and manugactured with you and your needs in mind. Our products are designed to clean, nourish, repair, and enhance your distinguished appearance. We help today's Afro-American, Alpha Male feel good about who you are and how you look so that your best self always shows up at home, work, and in your community! As a veteran and black-owned business, we know fine grooming isn’t just about products. We’re committed to your success and to help you achieve more.

We exist to help men of color like you have the grooming habits specific to you that inspire confidence and commitment to yourself, your family and your community.

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