When To Apply Beard Oil

Beard oil will be great if you want to keep it looking groomed and shiny. Find out when and how often to use beard oil
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As a black man, you know that your beard can become pretty dry.  As a result, you'll want to apply beard oil toyour beard before bed and in the morning. Before you apply beard oil, make sureyou’re applying it to a clean and damp face and beard.

So, when you get out of the shower is the perfect time for your beard careroutine. Before applying the oil, dry your beard with a towel so that it’s dampbut not wet.

You likely don’t need to apply beard oil every day if you live in a humidenvironment. You can start by applying it every other day, and adjust asneeded. If you live in a particularly dry climate or have a longer beard, youmay need to apply more often.

If you notice your beard feels greasy, you will need to cut back how oftenyou apply oil or how much you’re using.

Because beard oils absorb quickly, you don’t need to worry about them stainingyour pillowcase when you apply it at night. So, don’t skip this bedtimeapplication, because it’s probably the more important of the two: This way, youcan wake up with a softer beard.

Then, a morning application makes sure you have the softest and mostpresentable beard throughout the day.

Beard oil is usually easy to carry with you. So, if you need an extra application during the day, just splash somewater on your beard, pat it dry and apply a little bit more.

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