How Many Drops of Beard Oil To Use

How Many Drops of Beard Oil To Use

Hello, welcome I'm J'aimi from kingly beardz. At kingly beardz, we often get asked several questions about beard care, growth, grooming or health. And I want to address one of the questions that we get often. And that is, how many drops of beard oil to use?

You can ask 3 bearded men this question and you'll get 5 different answers.  No lie.  Don't believe me, just try it next time you're out.  Just ask the first 3 bearded men you see on the street, I bet you get no less than 5 different answers.

Well, you're gonna hate this answer, but it all depends. And also, I can't tell you that because our beard oil doesn't come with a dropper. It comes with a spill proof pump top. So the question for us would be how many pumps do you use?

Short Beards: 2-3 Pumps

If you have a short beard, or what some would call stubble, then I find once again that daily massaging in beard oil keeps my beard smelling great, hydrated, felling soft and looking healthy.

Medium Beards: 3-4 Pumps

Congratulations you have what most will call a full beard; it's thick and full but not probably not too long yet. Depending on the thickness of your beard, or coarseness of hair I find around 3-4 pumps will do (You can add more if your beard is really thick)

Long Beards: 4 or more Pumps

From my experience, when your beard starts getting longer, you will have a better idea of how much beard oil you need based on how dry your beard gets. You will discover that some days you need more than others, but that's ok, let your beard tell you how much it needs.

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