How Long Does Beard Oil Last

How Long Does Beard Oil Last Part I

Before I can give you a decent answer, I need to present some of the factors that areaffecting my answer.

#1 Expiration Date

This one is a no-brainer. If the oil you’re using has expired then I don’t care if the bottle isstill half full. Don’t use it anymore.

Things that affect the expiration date include the carrier oils and essential oils used to make it. Every oil has a different shelf life.

Also, how they are combined together in the final beard oil will affect their shelf life.

Third, how those oils were refined or produced will affect their shelf life.

*Quick note of caution here. This is one of the number 1 reasons that we strongly adviseyou not to buy beard oil from very small companies where they ‘make them by hand”.There little if any quality control there for a product you plan to use on your face.

What initial quality oils are they using. Are they using premium oils or the cheapest theycould find to lower their expenses?

I’m not saying not to support small businesses. In fact, we are a small business. But weoutsource our production for quality control. We want to provide the best quality products possible.

#2 How Often You Use it.

Some men only use Oil once a day, some twice a day in the morning and evening, and thenthere are those that carry a bottle around with them to help freshen up their beardsthroughout the day.

Needless to say, a bottle will last for a different amount of time for each of those groups.

#3 How Much Beard Oil You Use

Some men keep their beards short, others have a really long and thick beard. This meansthat the amount of oil they use each time will be different. And yes, once again that affectshow long the oil will last.

One thing that also affects how much oil they use is the texture of their beard. If your beardand skin are naturally oily, you’ll use less. If your beard is dry, course or kinky you’llprobably use more.

#4 Where you live

How in the world does where you live affect how long beard oil will last? Well if you livein a dryer climate you’ll need to use more oil to keep your beard moisturized.

#5 How You Store Your Oil.

Just like any other product, its best to store it properly, in a cool dry place. Not doing sowill reduce the shelf life of your beard oil.

So, now that I’ve covered all that, here’s the answer you’ve been patiently waiting for.

From our experience and what we can gather from our customers. If you have a short beard or stubble a bottle should last you 6-8 weeks under normal conditions and usage.

Medium beard, you can expect it to last 4-6 weeks less under normal conditions and usage.

With longer full beards it’s impossible to say because so much depends on the length andtexture at that point. But unless your beard is super long a bottle should still last about a month give or take a few days.

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