Does Beard Oil Cause Acne?

Beards are becoming more popular, and with it comes the question: does beard oil cause acne?
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Well as in all things, this depends.  There are several factors that will determineif the beard oil you’re using will cause acne. Below I list some of the mostimportant for you to consider.

Types of Beard Oils

Not all beard oils are the same, just as not all cars arethe same.  Yes, they serve the samefunction, to moisturize your beard and skin beneath, some are more like an AMCGremlin than a Tesla or Audi A7.

Avoid Chemicals

As you’re looking for a beard oil, try to find one thatdoesn’t have chemicals.  Some beard oilcompanies will use harsh chemicals in their products because it’s lessexpensive for them than it is to use premium all-natural ingredients. 

This can be a big problem for you especially if you have sensitiveskin. So if you are using beard oil and start to notice that you’re developingacne, check the ingredients label.

Avoid Ingredients Allergic to

Harsh chemicals are the only thing you need to be on thelook out for. Unfortunately, the beardoil that you’re using could be made with premium all-natural ingredients, butyou’re still allergic to one of those ingredients.

So what can you do in this case?  Easiest may be to just switch to anotherpremium brand that uses different ingredients.

Best Oils

If you want to use beard oil, here are the best ingredientsthat seldom cause an allergic reaction.

Jojoba Oil

Argan Oil

If you want to learn more about how these ingredientsbenefit your beard check out these two articles we recently wrote.

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