What Causes Beard Split Ends and What You Should Do

Split ends happen when your hair is damaged or dry. Split ends can happen to beards just as often as they are to the hair on your head. 

Bad grooming habits, insufficient grooming, and excessive sun exposure can all lead to beard split ends. Continue reading to discover how to prevent beard split ends.

What Causes Beard Split Ends and What You Should Do

Like any other hair, beards require tender loving care and maintenance. Beard split ends can happen, just like with any hair.

It doesn't necessarily mean that you have to shave your facial hair immediately. However, you should know what's causing them and how to prevent them.

You have many options to fix split ends in your beard and prevent it from happening again.

What causes beard split ends? How to prevent them

Split ends can be a problem for a beautiful beard. They can occur from many factors. Some come from your overall health and others are due to lack of care.

Here are 7 reasons why you may have beards split ends. Split ends can be prevented and fixed with patience. But, if you took the time to grow a beard, then you have plenty of patience. These are some things to consider if you have split ends in your beard.

Your Diet isn't Healthy Enough.

Keratin is a type of protein found in hair. If you don't get enough protein, your hair and nails (all over your body) will start to dry out.

What to do: Eat healthier

For hair strength, increase protein intake. For hair strength, try lean, white-meat poultry, fish, yogurt, eggs and milk. Edamame, quinoa and lentils, which are rich in protein, are great options for vegetarians. 

If you don't get enough vitamins and protein naturally from your diet you can add supplements. Biotin is a B-complex vitamin that stimulates hair growth. You should look for whole grains, legumes and sunflower seeds. 

A healthy beard is a result of a well-balanced diet. We've created a blog post with the best foods and drinks for your beard.

Your beard is being treated with head shampoo

Because your beard hair has a different chemical composition, head shampoos are NOT designed for it. Head shampoos that are too drying can strip natural sebum and moisture causing your beard to be brittle.

We recommend that you use a specific beard soap or wash.

What To Do: Apply a gentle shampoo designed for beards. Then apply beard oil and balm. As needed, adjust frequency

Beard Shampoo gently cleans your beard and the skin underneath. Beard shampoos without Sodium Lauryl Sulfate are not recommended. This detergent can strip hair of moisture and sebum.

As with all products, it is possible to overuse it. You can reduce the frequency at which you shampoo your hair to a level where your hair is clean and hydrated. It is best to start with two to three times per week and then adjust as necessary. Guys with thicker hair will usually only need to shampoo 2 - 3 times per week. Men with finer hair might need to shampoo every other day.

You Are Dying Your Beard Instead of Rocking the Grays.

We get it. Some genetics can cause us to get a few gray hairs early in life. Not everyone is ready to embrace the silver look. Hair dye can damage your hair by allowing color to seep into your cuticles. This causes cuticles to become ragged and weak.

Exposure to peroxide and ammonia dye can cause beard split ends.

What to do: Take care of your beard.

Whether one chooses to dye their beard or hair is a personal choice. Keep in mind that you will need to be more diligent about maintaining your beard's health if you keep dyeing. You'll have to replace what you lost because hair dye can dry out hair.

This means that you must be vigilant about maintaining your hair. Be sure to shampoo and condition your hair as often as you need, and never go a day without using beard oil. By enhancing your hair's natural oils, beard oil can prevent split ends. A carrier oil, which is a mild oil that is easily absorbed, and essential oils that contains the scent are what make up beard oil. Kingly Beardz Beard Oil uses argan oil and avocado oils as carrier oils to soften your hair while giving it shine.

To add an extra layer of nourishment, we recommend using beard balm or butter. Beard balm can also be used to seal in moisture and smooth out cuticles, making hair easier to manage.

We offer a bundle that contains beard oil and your choice of either a beard butter or balm.

You Are Blow Drying Your Beard.

Sebaceous glands are located at the root of every beard's follicle. They produce nourishing oils for your skin and beard. They only produce a small amount of sebum each day. 

Your sebaceous glands won't be able to produce enough oil once your beard grows beyond a certain length to cover both the root and entire shaft. This can lead to your beard's tips becoming dry, which makes split ends more likely.

This is when you need to help your beard out by using beard care products to hydrate your entire beard.

What to do: Use well-maintained tools to trim your beard.

A pair of sharp scissors and a beard-trimmer that has been washed and oiled prior to each trim session are recommended. If you can, use scissors instead of trimmers. Trimmers chew the strand and don't cut it cleanly.

Your beard should be trimmed once a week, or every two weeks. You need to cut any strands that show signs of splitting. You can also trim any fast-growing hairs that are sticking out of your beard.

You can also wear a shorter cut that doesn't require regular trimmings, so you don’t have to worry about split ends.

Your Groom Your Beard Too Often

You shouldn't be combing your hair too often if you want to prevent beard split ends. You can maximize your beard's health by not overdoing how often you comb or brush it. You want to comb your beard to help evenly distribute your beard oil and sebum throughout your hair. 

If you use a cheap comb, too much combing can lead to damaged hair cuticles (we'll go into more detail about combs in the next section).

What to Do: Don't Overdo It

Brush your beard at most 3-4 times per day.

What To Do: Choose The Right Comb and Brush.

There are many combs available. Plastic comb is the most popular comb. However, it can also be the most dangerous. You should choose stainless steel combs over those mass-produced in giant plastic molds. 

Plastic combs can be inexpensive, but they can damage your hair and cause split ends.

On the other side, stainless steel hair combs have smooth edges and glide easily. The Kingly Beardz stainless steel Beard Comb was cut using a laser. It is then hand-polished to avoid any jagged edges. Round tips promote beard growth, and help to produce sebum.

You can also try a boar's hair beard brush, to reduce static and tugging.

You Blow Dry Your Beard

The Blow dryer is not your beard's enemy. The enemy is when you use one on the high heat setting. Excessive heat causes damage to the cuticle (the outermost protective layers of each hair). This traps water within the cortex (the center of each hair), and causing it to boil. Boiling your beard hair doesn't seem like a decent way to care for your mane.

What To Do: Use The Blow Dryer on Low

If you are forced to use a blow-dryer the cool setting is best. You can also apply beard oil as an extra layer of protection.

You can dry your beard in the shower by drying it with a towel. Never rub!

Can Beard Care Products To Prevent Beard Split Ends

Split ends happen when your hair is damaged or dry. Split ends can happen to beards just as often as they are to the hair on your head. 

Bad grooming habits, insufficient grooming, and excessive sun exposure can all lead to beard split ends. Continue reading to discover if products for beard care prevent split ends.

Beard Oils & Beard Balms

Balms and beard oil are great for preventing split ends.

Your glands can only produce a finite amount sebum oil, which is why they are limited in their ability to nourish your beard.

Shampoos and other harsh chemicals can strip the beard's natural sebum oil. To make it worse you may be drying your hair with a blow-dryer on high heat.

This is why products such as beard oil, beard balm and beard butters are available.

They can be used as a supplement to the natural sebum oils that your skin already produces.

All premium beard oils and balms are basically made of the same thing.

1. Carrier oils- To fight split ends, 'beardruff’ and provide nourishment.

2. Essential Oils- Fragrance.

The main source of nourishment for your beard is provided by these carrier oils. Carrier oils can be described as the real thing. They can keep your beard hydrated up to eight hours. The aroma of essential oils is all about the scent, but they have very little to do with the nourishment.