Beard Guide: what does beard oil do

If you have a beard or thought about growing a beard you have probably asked yourself "What does beard oil do" and "Do I need to use beard oil?"

Well in this article we are going to help you answer these questions. So, lets get right to it!

What Does Beard Oil Do For My Beard

Beard oil is a cosmetic that men use to nourish their skin under their beards and the hair follicles.

Beard oil mimics the natural oils produced by the skin, it helps to soften your beard and keep it shiny.

Your beard will look fuller and thicker by using beard oils that mimic sebum to maintain hair's natural oil composition. 

Warning: Your beard could become dry, brittle, and less likely to grow if it doesn't have the right moisture levels. To prevent this use a premium beard oil.

Keep Your Facial Hair Nourished and Healthy With Beard Oil

A little bit of beard oil can help to reduce flakes (beard druff) and flyaway hairs thanks to moisturizing oils. This also helps get rid of the dreaded beard itch that no beardsman wants or likes.

Premium beard oils will use carrier oils like Argan oil and Jojoba oil that hydrate your beard. Also, with so many musky/woody scented essential oil like cedarwood or sandalwood, this product can also be used as a natural cologne.Well in this article we are going to help you answer these questions. So, lets get right to it!A little bit of beard oil can help to reduce flakes. 

What Else Does Beard Oil Do?

Beard oil helps keep your beard manageable by moisturizing it. It makes combing and grooming it much easier and reduces the likelihood of hair loss and damaged hair.

You will also get a shine that will have everyone envying your epic beard, and all the respect that comes with it from other beardsmen.

Is There Anything Beard Oil Can't Do?

Yeah. Beard oil is not a miracle cure, however it is an amazing product.

We get asked often if beard oil will grow my beard. This is not easy to answer. It's not a magic formula or elixar from Camelot. It's a product that promotes the right conditions for your hair to grow, and it does so without any problems.

It won't clean your facial hair (you will need to use beard wash or soap for that) and it isn't designed for styling (you will need a beard balm for that).

While getting a thicker and fuller beard is mostly a lifestyle choice that requires eating, sleeping, and exercising correctly. Beard oil can help make sure your beard stays healthy and gets the basic nourishment it needs to become fuller and thicker. 


Beard Oil F.A.Q 

How Much Beard Oil to Use

The size of your beard will determine how much oil you need. For stubble, you will need 2 to 4 drops. You can use 5-6 drops for a medium-sized mane. You can use 6-8 drops for a long beard. You can experiment with the amounts until you find what works best for your beard. Remember that the goal is to keep your beard natural and tamed. If you use too much oil, your beard can look heavy and wet. Too much oil will cause your beard to look dry and unattractive.

When to Use Beard Oil

After shampooing your beard or washing your face, is the best time to use beard oils. Beard oil can be absorbed more effectively if it is applied to your skin when your pores open. You can use beard oil daily or every other day. Check out this article for more information on when to use beard oil for best results.

How Often to Use Beard Oil

Beard Oil & Beard Balm: How frequently should I use it? Your lifestyle will determine how often you apply Beard Oil. However, we recommend using it once per day. This will help keep your beard strong and healthy. Not using beard oil regularly can cause dry beards, which can lead to beard itchiness and soreness. Check out this article for more information on How Often to Use Beard Oil for Best Results.

Where to Buy Beard Oil

Beard oil can be just as important as the products you use. Although some men prefer to shop in stores for their beard oil, many guys will purchase it online. Many of the reasons for this are due to the fact some retailers don’t stock all the best brands and all-natural varieties.

If you are looking for all-natural, organic beard oil check out our selection of Kingly Beard Oil.

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