7 Benefits of Argan Oil For Beards

Argan oil is known for its many benefits, but what are the benefits specifically for beards using it? This article covers some of the most important ones to help you up your beard game.
7 Benefits of Argan Oil For Beards

You probably hear a lot from your friends talking about Argan oil being the best beard oil in the world. You've likely heard them tell you about the benefits of Moroccan argan oil for beards, and that you really, really need it to up your beard game.

Morocco has been home to many wonderful things, including music, food, and Casablanca. Argan oil, a Moroccan treasure, has been given to beard-lovers in recent years.

What is Argan Oil

Argan oil is known for its many benefits, but what are the benefits specifically for beards using it? Here are some of the most important.

Moroccan oil and Argan oils are the exact same ingredients. If you see Moroccan oil or Argan oils from Morocco, that's the same oil.

Argan Oil is a Moroccan product made from Argan Tree Seeds. Because of its rich golden color, many people call it liquid gold. These Argan kernels are found in the extraordinary argan tree's fruits.

What Are The Benefits Of Argan Oil for Beards

Argan Oil is a great addition to beard oil. It helps with grooming your beard and beard care. Applying our Beard Oil to your beard will help moisturize it and the skin below it. You'll find it easy to comb and run your fingers through your beard with the amazing Moroccan Argan Beard Oil.

1. Natural Moisturizer

We know that not all beards are created equal. They can become unruly and brittle, which can lead to premature and unnecessary breakage. Argan oil is a natural moisturizer. This is one of its primary advantages. You can use it on your head and beard both.

Argan Oil has the best nourishment and moisturizing properties. This wonderful oil we call "Liquid Gold" is full of omega fat acidsvitamins E, as well as linoleic acid. All these are fantastic for keeping your hair hydrated and moisturized.

Argan oil will gently and evenly moisturize your skin underneath your beard. This will help keep your beard soft, protected, and even smoothen out any dry patches.

It reduces beard breakage and softens it. White flakes are not something anyone wants all over their beard.

2. Detangler

One of Argan oil's benefits is almost a side effect of its ability to moisturize. However, as anyone with hair can tell you, conditioning your hair and detangling it are completely different.

If you have a medium length or long beard, and you've ever combed it, then you know the benefits of conditioning. But keeping your beard clean and tangle-free is another benefit. Argan oil can be a real benefit if you have ever had your beard tangled.

3. Good For Your Skin

OK, technically this isn't a benefit of argan oil for beards. But my bearded friends, if you have skin problems, growing a beard can sometimes be challenging.

Argan oil is rich in vitamin E, which is an anti-inflammatory. It can reduce razor burn around the areas where you trim your beard.

If you have an itchy beard or sensitive skin, you may be suffering from other conditions like beard-dandruff. Beard-related skin problems can be demotivating.

Many men shave their beards within 4 weeks. This is because they don't use the right products in their beards, and they start to get skin irritation.

This is where beard oil rich in Moroccan Argan oil can help. Argan oil has high levels of omega fat acids, vitamin E and Linoleic acid. This helps to moisturize your skin and prevents irritation.

Argan oil is one of the best rated comedogenic carrier oils.

Comedogenic literally means 'pore-clogging. The lower the rating, the better. Technically, if you have skin sensitive to certain ingredients, they can clog your pores. However, carrier oils such as Argan oil can reduce this risk significantly.

This benefit has an additional bonus: Argan oil is able to control your skin's natural oils production. It can keep your sebum levels under control. This is good as it will help you to control your natural oil production, which will reduce irritation.

4. Prevents the horrible Beard Dandruff

I'm telling you, beard-dandruff is one of the most common triggers for men to shave their beards. You know you suffer from beard dandruff, if you notice flakes of dandruff in your beard or on your shirt. That's when you reach for your dandruff-fighting hair shampoo. Unfortunately, this often makes your skin dry and dehydrated, which is even worse!

Gentlemen, beard dandruff could be caused by many things. The most common reason is because you aren't using a good oil. Use a beard oil rich in Moroccan argan oil.

Argan oil is perfect for keeping your skin hydrated. This will dramatically reduce the chances of you getting beard dandruff. It also gives you confidence which allows you to achieve your beard goals.

5. Enhances Elasticity and Shine

Your beards were grown for one reason: to look good. Your beard will have more bounce, elasticity, and shine thanks to argan oil. It also provides nutrients to the hair, which is a benefit for those who use a straightener. It also helps the straightener glide over the hair, causing less damage.

6. This is an amazing lightweight carrier oil

Moroccan Oil is the lightest of all carrier oils. It doesn't weigh your beard down and makes it ideal for mixing beard oils.

You would normally find that beard oils are a special blend from different carrier oils. Our beard oil blend uses Argan oil. This allows us to mix Argan oil with some of the heavier carrier oils. Those other oils offer other skin and beard benefits to make a truly amazing beard oil product.

7. Make your beard stand out!

If you are like me and my friends, maintaining a healthy beard is your motivation. Argan oil does not get greasy and looks great in your beard. You will immediately notice a difference in your appearance when you use argan oil on your facial hair.

Your beard will look healthier and have natural shine. Nobody wants their beard dry or overly greasy.

Kingly Beardz is a blend made from Argan oil. We combined this oil with other amazing carrier oils such as Jojoba oil to create a perfect blend for your beard.

Argan oil makes up a large part of our blend. It is one of the most valuable ingredients that we use.

4-step guide to help you create a great beard oil routine.

1. Develop a routine and a habit. This is something that you will need to master. Depending on your lifestyle, you will want to set aside a few minutes either in the morning or at the end of your day for beard care.

2. Use high-quality beard oils. Make sure to use an Argan rich beard oil and keep track of your daily usage. You might need to adjust the amount of beard oil you use as your beard grows. Start with two drops and then increase over time. Remember that you must cover your entire beard and not leave the skin beneath dry when applying beard oil.

3. After applying beard oil, brush your beard and comb it. It can cause skin irritation if you don't spread the oil through. You need to ensure that all of your beard gets the benefits of the beard oil.

4. Use care - Wash your beard regularly. This will depend on your lifestyle. However, try to wash your beard 2-3 times a week. Use a beard shampoo that is specifically designed for your beard.

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