5 Easy Step Winter Beard Care Routine to Keep Your Beard Healthy During Winter

Beards are very popular in winter time. But even your favorite beard can go through some unexpected changes during ongoing conditions. You might need to care for your beard a few extra steps during winter time. We have some tips for you on how to take care of your beard when it’s cold outside.
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It's that time again of year: The temperature drops, we turn the heaters on, and your skin is itching more than usual. Are you a bearded man? If so, you might notice that your beard is becoming drier and damaged. This winter, keep your beard healthy by following our winter beard care routine.

What causes our winter skin and beards to dry out? How can we stop itchy, flaky skin? You may find that your beard is unable to survive on cold winter days without additional attention.

Many men suffer from winter beard issues. These are usually caused by dry skin and exposure to harsh products. This article will provide five important tips on how to maintain your beard in winter. So read on and let's get started.

5-Step Winter Beard Care Routine

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Wintry whiskers come with a downside. Your beard becomes dry from low humidity and frigid temperatures.

It can also be very bad for your beard's well-being when the humidity and temperature drops.

You need to take action to prevent your precious beard from suffering all these horrible things. Here are five quick tips to help you get back your bearded godliness.

Beard Shampoos, Conditioners:

Wintry whiskers come with a downside. Low humidity combined with frigid temperatures will make your beard dry and fragile. You can combat these conditions by shampooing less frequently. This article will explain how to keep your hair strong through winter's chill.

You should choose a Shampoo that is gentle on your beard. Regular shampoos strip out the moisture you want to keep in your hair. I have repeatedly reminded you that hair shampoo was created for your head. It will only make your beard dry and brittle.

Don't wash your beard with regular soap and shampoo during a shower. Use shampoos and conditioners that are specifically made for beards to protect the natural oils in your beard.

Your beard should be treated just as your hair. You should moisturize your beard every day, and not just once a week.

Reduce your shampooing frequency to twice a week. Keep washing your face daily to remove any remaining buildup.

When you are showering, don’t be afraid to condition the beard. Your skin and beard will thank your for using an organic, natural conditioner.

You should use conditioner when it's cold or crisp. It should be used every day, even if you aren't using a beard shampoo. You should condition your beard at least three to four times per week.

Use a Towel to Dry.

After taking a warm not hot shower, towel dry your beard. Also, avoid blow-drying your beard. It will only strip out the moisture. Long-term exposure to hot water, like in a bathtub or shower can also dry out the skin. Keep it short and lower the temperature.

Don't rub your face and beard with a towel. Doing so will cause the roots of your hair to become brittle and loosen.

Apply Beard Oils, Butters and Balms

A quality beard oil is an ideal tool to use for daily maintenance. Beard oils are a great way to moisturize your beard and prevent it from drying out. Combine that with a beard balm to keep your hair and skin moisturized all day.

Kingly Beardz grooming products moisturize the skin, soften your facial hair, and condition your beard without clogging your pores. We use only 100% organic, natural ingredients as well as essential oils.

You should use a high-quality beard oil with a carrier oil of jojoba oils and an essential oil which has some additional benefits on your beard. Look up the best essential oils that can be used on your beard.

These oils have great benefits for skin and hair. A good beard oil will use jojoba oil. The jojoba oils hydrate the hair and skin.  Apply the oil to your face and massage it into your hair.

Detangle with Beard Comb

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Make sure you use a beard-comb afterward. A quality wide-tooth comb can be used to prevent pulling your hairs.

In winter, combing should be done more often. Combing your hair removes any dirt or dust that may have built up during the day.

This will allow your beard to grow healthy and strong just like in the Summer months. The best care is to combine combing with a daily dose of beard oil.

Brush with Boar-hair Brush

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Once you are done untangling your man-mane make sure to use a quality Boar hairbrush. Boar hairbrushes are ideal because they have stiff enough bristles to clean your beard and flexible enough to not tug too hard. 

This step should be done after you have finished using the comb to ensure that your beard is clean and free from knots and tangles. You can also use the natural bristles to clean out any dirt or grime left over from washing your beard.

This process can be done every day, or every other day, for the best results. This is how you ensure that you have enough oils in your beard and skin to last the day.

You have many benefits from brushing your beard as a part of your winter beard care routine. It keeps your beard in good shape and clean. It distributes your beard oil evenly throughout the beard. Goodbye winter dryness! 

Did we mention that it stimulates circulation, which promotes healthy beard development?

The Cornerstone is Grooming

Winter is a great time to pay attention to your grooming. After showering is the best time for this - your beard will be cleanest and your pores will be open to treatments.

Applying beard oil to condition, moisturize, and protect your skin is the foundation of any winter beard care routine.

Beard balms can be used as an all-day, lock-in conditioner. Balm is a product that will be a blessing to your beard if you increase how often you apply it as the temperature drops. 

Beard balm can give you more volume and make your beard feel softer and look thicker. Beard balm is essential for anyone with a short, thin, or uneven beard.

A good beard butter helps add a finishing touch. It will style and protect your beard for the entire day. It's like putting a brick wall between your facial hair and the elements by using organic, natural beard butter.

All of Kingly Beardz' beard oils, balms and butters are organic, natural, and great for keeping your hair looking great this season. You can visit our store to discover the Kingly Big Beard Bundle or Kingly Senior Beard Bundle, which allows you to quickly tailor a grooming package for your needs.

Take Care Of Your Beard This Winter

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