Beard Growth Secrets: 9 Tips for Growing a Great Beard

Growing a beard takes patience and care. Here are 9 easy beard growth secrets to help you nurture and care for your facial hair.
Beard Growth Secrets: 9 Tips for Growing a Great Beard

Beards, a luxurious and fulfilling show of manliness, have grown in popularity in recent years. But how to grow a beard the right way is a mystery. Here are 9 essential beard growth tips to make sure you grow a beard you’ll be proud of for years to come.

Preparing to grow your beard

The first step of growing a great beard is to come up with a plan. Not every beard style fits every face and lifestyle. These are things that you need to consider before deciding to grow a beard and most importantly, what style of beard you will grow.

What is your grooming routine? Not all facial hair is liked by everyone! This can also be a huge factor in growing a great beard. Before you begin, it is important to not only be prepared to take the months that it requires to grow a full thick beard. But also, you need to be prepared to spend time regularly caring for and grooming your beard.

Your grooming routine must be consistent with your lifestyle. If the beard style you are thinking of growing does not fit with your current grooming routine, then you should take that into consideration and decide what beard style does fit into your current grooming routine and lifestyle.

Now that you've decided to grow a beard and are ready for the commitment that it will take. You are off to a great start.

Growing Your Beard

If you want your beard to grow quicker then it's important to take care of the skin undeneath. 

man in dark shirt with long beard

Healthy skin leads to a healthy beard!

By practicing a few skin care tips and some other lifestyle changes, you will be able to notice an increase in the growth rate and fullness of your beard. So, let's begin with discussing some tips for your skin to help your beard growth.

1. Exfoliate and Clean your skin to keep it healthy

Kingly face beard and mustache soap

To grow a beard faster you need to start taking care of the skin on your face. You need to keep your facial skin clean and healthy for the best beard growth.

Shampoo and conditioners help clean and seal the skin, and give it some protection from the elements.

Most men make a mistake in assuming that the shampoo and conditioner they use for their hair is great for their beard also.

This is a mistake. While shampoos and conditioners for your hair are good at removing oils and greases to keep you from suffering from oily scalp and hair. They can cause your beard to dry out. This causes problems for your beard.

It starts to itch, it becomes brittle, and it becomes thorn like. You should actually make sure that your beard shampoo and conditioner don’t have chemicals that will harm your beard.

Conditioners are used to add moisture and stimulate hair follicles. Always look carefully at the label of your conditioners.

An alternative to using a typical conditioner is to use a beard butter instead. Beard butter is a soft and buttery natural oil. It is very sticky and when applied to a beard, it will help your beard to look nice and smell great.

Start by washing your beard with warm water and a mild wash daily. You should also consider a deep cleaning and exfoliating your skin once a week.

2. Moisturize your skin

Washing your beard and cleaning your face is important, but it can cause your beard to dry out. This is especially true if the beard shampoo you're using has harsh chemicals.

After washing your beard and cleaning your skin you need to apply a moisturizer. This helps make sure your skin doesn't feel dry and improves your skin's appearance.

Some people choose to add a few drops of essential oils to their beard oil. These oils have been shown to increase the rate at which the skin heals.

Taking Care of Your Beard

Now that you know how to take care of your skin so that you have a great foundation to grow a Kingly beard, let's talk about actually caring for your beard.

3. Choose a quality beard oil.

Beard oil helps to nurture the skin under your beard and prevent beard druff (like dandruff but in your beard).

4. Use quality beard balm for daily application.

kingly beard balm

Just like beard oil, grow balm is able to help your skin underneath stay healthy and hydrated. Balms help to prevent beard itch, dryness and help keep your beard looking healthy and smelling great.

5. Beard Grooming.

Never try to comb a dry beard. You will create unnecessary pain by doing so. You should always wet your beard first. Take a cup of warm water and wash your face.

kingly beard comb

You don't want to soak you beard. You just want it damp enough that the comb doesn't tangle in your beard. A good beard moisturizer will help as well as Combine these steps, and you will be on your way.

Just as you should never comb a dry beard never trim or cut a wet or damp beard. Now you have a nice beard.

Faster Beard Growth

I get it. You want your great beard like yesterday. But Rome wasn't built in a day and a great beard takes time also. However, here are some tips that will help you speed up the process.

5. Exercise

Invest some time 3-5 times a week doing cardio exercises. Cardio helps to promote blood flow and oxygenation, both of which are important for your beard growth.

6. Strength Training

Your beard needs to be strong, healthy and full to fluff. Go for strength training three to five days a week. Regular exercise and strength training helps your body produce the hormones that maintain the health of your arteries, your heart, your bones and your hair.

7. Proper Diet

Maintaining a proper diet that will boost your beard growth is easier than you may think. You can promote beard growth by ensuring your diet has enough proteins, vegetables, whole grains, cheese, and yogurt.

Here are some foods to pick up the next time you're grocery shopping: eggs, almonds, salmon, chicken, leafy greens (spinach and kale), avocados, sweet potatoes, and raisins.

Check out this article on 7 foods and 2 drinks that promote beard growth.

8. Get plenty of sleep.

Sleep is essential to the body. Most of our growing and healing happens while we are asleep. Also, getting enough sleep is important and helps promote blood flow.

9. Stay Hydrated

Our bodies are made of water. Water helps make sure your skin stays healthy and helps nerves carry signals throughout the body. This will help promote a fuller, thicker, and bushier beard.

Just make sure you drink enough water every day.

So there you have it. 9 tips to help you prepare for growing a beard, how to repair, nourish, and enhance your beard and how to promote faster beard growth.

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