Your Summer Beard Survival Guide - The Complete Guide, 2022

Summer can put your beard through the wringer. With exposure to the sun and more, maintaining your beard during the summer is essential. Your summer beard survival guide will help to keep your beard looking and feeling good even when it's blistering hot outside.
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Summer can put your beard through the wringer. With exposure to the sun and more, maintaining your beard during the summer is essential. Your summer beard survival guide will help to keep your beard looking and feeling good even when it's blistering hot outside. 

Your Summer Beard Survival Guide: 

1. Be Prepared To Sweat

Summertime brings more heat. You will find yourself dealing with extreme temperatures during the summer months. This means you will be sweating more.

While you can keep yourself indoors and out of the extreme temperatures, you'll eventually have to brave the extreme temperatures some of the days. You need to be prepared to sweat more. Sweating isn't inherently bad. It's your body's mechanism to keep you cool. However, if you sweat more, you'll need to wash your face and beard more.

However, with more frequent washing your skin can become dry. That's why you'll need to pay extra careful attention to the skin around your beard to keep it well moisturized. The best way to do so is by using beard oils and beard balms to re-hydrate the surrounding skin.

2. Wash Your Beard Regularly

Use a sulfate-free and non-drying shampoo to wash your beard more often. This will get rid of the unwanted sticky feeling or debris that you may be experiencing. For hair and skin resilience, finish with a lightweight conditioner (we suggest using a beard butter as a leave in conditioner). Make sure you apply the conditioner along your beard line, as this is where the skin tends to get drier.

3. Beat The Humidity With Beard Balm

Have you ever walked out the door only to find your head and beard hair puffing out and looking frazzled? If so, you aren't alone. That's what humidity does to your facial hair.

Not only does it make you look unkempt, but it's simply unpleasant. Luckily, there is an easy fix when it comes to keeping the humidity from ruining your look. Using the right styling products can make all the difference when it comes to improving your beard's looks even in the dog days of summer.

The best tip for combating excess humidity and to keep your beard looking great is by using beard balm. Beard balm makes for one of the best products to keep your beard in the game because it contains forming butter and all of the ingredients your beard needs to maintain its shape. The key is counteracting the effects of the excess humidity which is exactly what a quality beard balm does. The

organic jojoba butter beard balm by Kingly Beardz makes for the perfect addition to your beard care routine.

4. Use Conditioning Products

You are going to find it very difficult to keep your skin and beard properly conditioned in the summer. While you may think you don't need oil or other grooming products because it's so hot and humid, that's not the case whatsoever.

Not only does the sun's UV rays dry out your skin, but you're likely going to be exposing your skin and beard hair to harsh chemicals like chlorine found in pools. Because of this, you need to maintain a regular conditioning routine to keep your beard looking its best.

A quality beard oil is a must-have product in every man's grooming arsenal. It moisturizes and conditions your skin and facial hair, while also hydrating the skin.

You can do this easily by getting quality beard oil to spread around your beard area. This helps your beard and the surrounding skin to lock in moisture to re-hydrate it. The premium all-natural Moroccan beard oil sold by Kingly Beardz is exactly what you need to keep your beard well hydrated and well-restored during even the hottest summer days.

5. Brush Your Beard

This is something that needs to be done any time of the year. However, you want to do it even more frequently during the summer. Brushing your beard is a good way to stimulate blood circulation throughout the area.

You can prevent beard tangles by brushing more frequently during warmer months to avoid uncomfortable beard puff. Make sure to use a good quality brush keep dirt out of your beard.

Plus, it's also a good way to exfoliate the skin surrounding your beard. This can help you get rid of dead skin cells and keep your beard from having dry skin flakes in it. You'll want to invest in a high-quality brush for brushing your beard and applying quality beard care products to it. The boar hair beard brush by Kingly Beardz features boar brush bristles for the best results.

Your Summer Beard Survival Guide - Final Thoughts:

Keeping your beard looking and feeling great during summer doesn't have to be impossible. While it can get annoying having a beard when it's blistering hot, and you're sweating, it doesn't have to. By implementing the right beard care maintenance routine and getting the right beard maintenance products, you can sustain a healthy-looking beard all summer long. Get all of your beard care products from Kingly Beardz and you will have no trouble maintaining your best beard no matter how hot it is outside.

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