What is Beard Butter? Do You Need It?

Beard butter has quickly become a popular product in beard care. Beard butter can make your beard look and feel better. It can transform the appearance, health, and feel of your hair, taking it from mediocre to magnificent. Because of this, if you have a beard, you may be asking. How to apply beard butter?

Regular use of beard butter is quickly becoming a popular choice for beard owners all over the world. But, what is beard butter? How is this product different from beard oils or beard balms, and what are its benefits? Is it even worth it? If so, how and when should you use it? Let's have a closer look at beard butter to find out the answers.


Beard butter can be described as a type of beard lotion that provides a lot of benefits to your hair and skin. It is an important part of your beard grooming routine. Butter and oil are used to nourish the hair, while beard balm is used for styling. Balms are a styling product often made with beeswax.

This makes them better for styling. Butter ingredients include shea butter, cocoa butter, Jojoba oil, or coconut butter are softer than waxes. Your beard butter will provide more nutrients than your beard balm, and your beard will feel fuller, shinier and softened than from a balm.


Beard butter is a deep conditioning treatment that's rich in nutrients. It's made to be absorbed into the beard like beard oil but also to provide a small amount of hold, like beard balm. It is between an oil and balm, which offers both the benefits of a balm and an oil. Beard wax has a stronger hold than beardbalmsand butter.

Waxes will also be firmer and provide little or no nourishment to your beard. If your beard styling needs are minimal, beard butter can be substituted for wax or balm. For best results, it should be used with a beard oil. Balms and waxes can hold your beard in place, while oils and butters will absorb and make your beard softer.

Beard butters and oils are great tools for maintaining thick, healthy beards. It is up to you to decide how and when to use these products for the best results.

This article will discuss when and how to apply beard butters or oils and why.

How you care for and maintain your beard will depend on your current stage in the beard journey.

I'll be sharing step-by-step instructions on how to apply beard butter or beard oil in two sections.

1) Short/New beards 

2) Full/Thicker beards


If your beard is shorter and less than an inch, it can feel like sandpaper face. Sandpaper face is easily fixed. Beard oil is the best product for softening abrasive hairs. The effectiveness of your beard oil depends on how and when it is applied.


The steam and heat from the shower can open pores, making your skin and facial hair more receptive to the oil.


Oil and water are not compatible, so after you have finished showering, dry your face and beard using a towel.


Spread the oil evenly through your beard. Use a high-quality Boar hair bristle brush to gently brush the oil into your beard and skin.

Use your hands to rub the beard oil into your skin well if your beard isn't long enough to brush without irritating your skin.

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how to use beard butter

1. Before you apply beard butter, make sure that your beard has been thoroughly washed and dried. A dirty beard is not a good place to apply beard butter. 2. Use your fingertips to take a little bit of beard butter and place it in your hands. Use your fingers to mix the butter until it becomes a smooth paste. Then, rub it evenly to your beard. Be careful not to over-apply.

Use a wide tooth stainless-steel comb to comb your beard after you have applied the butter. A wide tooth stainless steel comb is the best choice because it gently massages your skin. It also increases blood flow, which encourages hair growth.

Last but not least, wide tooth stainless steel beard combs have polished teeth that allow for easy hair movement without any snags or breakage.

For styling and moisturizing purposes, beard butter should be used daily. Bear in mind that this is not meant to replace your beard oil, which helps prevent your skin from drying out and flaking. The beard butter is used in conjunction with the oil to magnify the benefits of beard oil. It will condition your beard, give it the perfect style, and leave it with a wonderful scent ! A beard oil-beard butter combination is essential for men who want to maximize their beards potential.

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Beard butter f.a.q

Benefits Of Using Beard Butter

For all men, Beard butter's most useful property is for its natural moisturizing ingredients. Our beard butters are packed full of Jojoba Butter, Avocado Butter, and Argan Oil.

Regular use of beard butter has many benefits. This is a great conditioning treatment for your facial hair. Many beard butters contain vitamins and nutrients that will keep your beard nourished and healthy.

Your facial hair will be easier to manage and softer. It will give your beard a fuller appearance and is great for Kingsmen with thinner beards. It is a great source of moisture, which will help to combat dry, itchy skin as well as dandruff underneath your beard.

Beard butters may even be able to help clear clogged pores. Beard butters can provide a low to medium hold that will keep you looking and smelling great all day.Here are the pros and cons of using our premium beard butters:


  • A strong hold that holds all day
  • Completely eliminates beard itching and beardruff
  • Your beard won't feel greasy
  • Pleasant scent, made with only natural and organic ingredients


  • Some men prefer the scent to smell a little strongerur beard 

How to Apply Beard Butter?


The steam and heat from the shower can open pores, making your skin and facial hair more receptive to the oil. For some reason, you don't shower, warm water can be used to wash your face and hair.


Oil and water are not compatible, so after you have finished showering, pat dry your face and beard using a towel.


Apply the oil evenly over your beard. Apply your beard oil and gently brush it into your beard. High quality Boar hair Bristle beard brushes can be found here: CLICK HERE,

How Often Should You Apply Beard Butter?

Your beard butter should be applied at least twice a day, particularly if you are just getting started. For best results, you should apply your beard butter once before you start your day, and again once at night before you go to bed, and somewhere in between.

For men with short beards, or those just beginning to grow their beards, the best combination is the Boar hair bristle brush and Beard Butter.

Full/Thinner beards Follow the same steps as before after you have a thicker, fuller beard.

1) After a warm or hot shower

2) Pat your beard dry

3. Apply and brush in.

When to Apply Beard Butter?

Beard balm can be applied at different times depending on your situation. This is the main concern of new beardsmen.

There is no rule, although many grooming professionals recommend that beard butter should be applied after you have gotten out of the shower.

For more information, check out this article about when to apply beard butter

Using Beard Butter and Beard Oil Together

A beard butter is a good choice if your beard exceeds an inch. Your skin's oil levels will decrease as your beard grows. This can cause a dry, brittle beard. Although beard oil can be used to condition your beard it is not recommended.

Can I Use Beard Butter if My Beard is Short?

Yes, absolutely.

Yes, even if your beard is shorter, beard butter can be used with beard oil. A butter will only be used on the beard's hairs, but some oils in the butter can make their way to the skin.

This may be sufficient for some men, and it could be an option if you prefer the texture and consistency of butter to oil.