The Ultimate Guide to shaping Your Beard

The Ultimate Guide to shaping Your Beard

Let's be clear: While shaping your beard requires effort, it can produce amazing results that will help you look better. You don't have the luxury of a barbershop to trim your beard, so now is the best time to get started shaping your beard.

There are two ways to shape your beard. These tips can help you get started with Movember or move through winter.

How To Shape Your Beard: A Guide For Beginners

Improving the shape of your facial hair has never been easier. With this guide, anyone can do it. Some men grow their facial hair aligned with the sides of their jawline. Others grow their's  so it grows down the center of their chin. Finally, there are those who grow their facial hair in whatever style their beard pleases. This guide explains the differences, so you can choose the best shape for your beard.

Have a Look at Your Face's Shape

Face guide to shaping your beard

The style you choose for your beard depends on your hairstyle and your face shape. Keep your style in line with your current appearance to preserve your style.

Best Beards For Men With Oblong / Rectangle / Diamond Shaped Faces

Best Beards For Men With Oblong / Rectangle / Diamond Shaped Faces

For these face shapes, you should trim your beard short at the sides and round the bottom to soften the angles. This will help to make your face appear fuller. 

An oblong face, also known as a long face or a long beard, is better suited for facial hair and beard shapes that emphasize the fullness at the sides but are shorter at the bottom. You can also grow sideburns with this facial shape.

You can also grow your hair around your cheeks longer. Keep your neck clean and spend more of your time caring for it. You have the option to sport certain styles of beard due to your oblong face, such as full beards, mutton chops and goatee.

Best Beards For Men With Oval Shaped Faces


Best Beards For Men With Oval Shaped Faces

Oval faces are ideal for those who want to grow a facial beard. It is a good middle ground between all facial shapes.

This is often indicated by cheekbones that are slightly wider than your jawbones. Your rounded jawline may be another characteristic of an oval face. You will find that most facial hair and beard styles are suitable for you.

Best Beards For Men With Round / Heart Shaped Faces

Best Beards For Men With Round / Heart Shaped Faces

A round face indicates a soft jawline, which tends to lead to a more rounded look. People with other facial shapes have a more pointed jawline. If you have a round face, the best style or shape of beard is one that is shorter at the ends and longer at the bottom.

You should also be watching your sideburns and cheeks. If you have whiskers, it is okay to keep them slightly longer on your neck and chin.

Round faces work well with chinstraps or goatees. For round faces, a beard with a triangular shape works well. 

Many people believe that triangular-shaped faces have a tendency to be opposite of heart-shaped ones. A heart-shaped face is often defined by a forehead that is wider than your cheekbones and jawline. You can also sport a pointed, chin.

Your goal is to make your face look like a heart. This can be achieved by shaping and growing a thick, long beard. You can also try extended goatees, chin curtains, and mutton chops.

Diamond Face Shape

People with diamond facial shapes have cheekbones that cover the largest area of their faces. This facial shape also has a narrow forehead and jawline that display good symmetry. This facial shape can be reduced by making sure that your facial hair is on your chin.

Your hair should be a little longer on your sides and cheeks. Full beard, mustache, chin strap combination, and a goatee are some of the options for your diamond-face beard.


Best Beards For Men With Square Shaped Faces

Best Beards For Men With Square Shaped Faces

A square face is most likely to give you a strong, square jaw. This feature is a hallmark of many Hollywood models and actors. A beard that emphasizes the strength of your jawline is the best style for you if your face is square.

When shaping your beard, avoid forming sharp right angles. A softer, narrower beard would look better around your chin. The beard should highlight your jaw and make your chin appear longer.

Balbo beard is another great option for square faces. This beard is not trimmed with floating mustaches or sideburns.

Best Beards For Men With Triangle Shaped Faces

Best Beards For Men With Triangle Shaped Faces

A prominent chin is one of the most distinctive features of triangular faces. The jawline is also more prominent than your cheekbones. This facial shape is the best for you. A beard that does not emphasize your prominent chin is the best choice.

A stubble beard can be paired with a mustache. This style is great for triangular faces as it focuses attention on the upper part of your face. Styles that emphasize fullness on the cheeks are best avoided. This is because it can make your jawline appear wider than normal.

Use The Correct Razor

After you have settled on the perfect beard shape, the next step is to make sure you use the best equipment. Straight razors are the best option because they provide a precise shave and the highest precision.

Pro Tip: If you have or want a beard with a sculpted beard line, open your pores before picking up the razor. This will help prevent irritation and keep the razor from pulling and snagging.

To prevent ingrown hairs, irritation, or wounds, you can first apply a hot towel to your skin for a few moments. After shaving, use a clean, cold cloth or a spray of cold water to close the pores once again to prevent them from remaining open.

Keep It Trimmed

Keep in mind that you must cut your hair once you have achieved the desired look. Start by trimming your beard using a beard trimmer. End by removing any stray hairs from around your top lip and elsewhere.

To grow a beard, stop shaving and allow your facial hair to grow. Then shape or trim it as you wish. Regular shaving will not lead to thicker or faster facial hair growth. 

This urban legend will only hinder your beard-growing efforts. Another common rookie mistake is to trim too early. It is better to grow your beard at least 6-8 weeks before the first trim than to it is to trim it as it grows. You could end up cutting off more hair than you planned, which can take weeks, if not months, to fix.

Buy a good mirror:

When buying a good mirror, it is important to make sure it is neutral and has a proper reflecting surface. It is essential that the mirror is thick and is strong and sturdy.

It is also important to make sure it has a magnification level of 8 or 10 so that you can see your hairline close enough, so you have the best chance of shaping your beard properly.

Some men prefer short, neatly trimmed beards while others prefer full-grown, bushy beards. However, there is a fine line between an attractive appearance and one that is scary. No matter how long your facial hair is, it's important to keep it neat and tidy.

Wetting your beard before shaping it is not a good idea unless you are looking to shave it all off with a razor.

Use a premium brush, preferably one made with boar's hair to untangle your beard in the direction it grows. 

Get a good beard comb and scissors

using beard comb and grooming scissors to trim beard

A comb and scissors are recommended if you want to keep your beard thick but neat. Trim the hair beyond the comb to achieve an even cut. 

Beard Trimmers "Clippers"

A trimmer is the best tool to shape your beard. The adjustable trimming guide makes it easier to shave a precise line across the neck, cheeks, chin, and moustache. Instead of plucking out stray hairs with your fingers, you can use a razor to remove them.

How To Trim Your Beard

You can start by getting rid of the loose hairs on your face using a wide-toothed comb to brush through your beard. Once you are happy with the length of your hair, you can use a pair or grooming scissors (pointed at the ends) to trim any stray hairs.

It's worth getting a beard clipper with multiple sizes of guard if you don’t have one. "Using a beard clipper with a Guard is very simple to remove the bulk of the hair so it doesn't become too long,"

The scissors-over-comb method is a good option for precise cutting. The combination of the two can be done by using a comb along with your beard trimming tool on the lowest setting. You can sculpt your beardline with the trimmer, or if you feel really tough, a dry cartridge (no lotion required).

For most men, the itching will begin after a few weeks. This is when most males shave. 

The Neckline: How to define it

There are many reasons that men grow beards. For some men, it's best to keep your beard natural. But, the "neckbeard" of a caveman can look bad. Also, necklines that are too high can make your beard appear unnatural.

A good neckline should naturally extend down from your ear. The Adam's Apple should be approximately 1 to 1.5 inches above your hair between the neckline and the head.

Trimming the cheek lines:

This will depend on your preference. It will also change depending on the density of the whiskers and where your natural cheeklines stop. If your cheeks are more defined, you can simply shave off the extras and embrace your natural lines. 

You might be particularly gifted and bushy, so you may want to invest in a tool like the Cut Buddy. This will help you understand the basics. You can draw a U line from the lip to the sideburns. There are numerous options available when styling your beard.

The Lips

Although the bushy moustache looks great on Sam Elliott, it's not always so great for most of the rest of us. When shaping your beard, pay special attention to the area around your mouth and goatee.

For the area surrounding your soul patch, use your clipper's narrow head attachment to shape it.

Dealing with Beard Itch

If you feel itchy, don't give up. It is usually a temporary side effect of shaving or ingrown hairs. Keep at it. 

To ease the discomfort, apply a premium beard oil. Your facial skin will adjust as your beard gets longer. To learn more check out this article on Beard Balms and Beard Oils and how to know which is best for you.

What If I Have a Patchy Beard?

If you're suffering from a patchy beard you may want to first look at your diet. A nutritious diet can help you grow your beard. 

Some nutrients are known to help in hair growth. For example, biotin, a B-complex vitamin, has been proven to be a great nutrient that promotes hair growth. You should eat foods rich in this nutrient if you want to quickly grow a beard.

Reduce Stress and Get Some Sleep

Research has shown that stress and lack of sleep can lead to problems with hair growth, as well as other bodily functions. If you want to grow a beard, it is important to get enough sleep and avoid stressful situations. These two habits will help you have a beautiful beard.

You can experiment with different looks by allowing your beard to grow longer than normal. You have the option to grow a full beard, shave your cheeks, or go wild and go full-on with one of these popular beard styles.

Bear in mind, beards grow slowly. It will take patience to grow a beard. After your hair reaches a satisfactory length, you can shape it. Professional barbers are best for initially styling your beard. It will be easier to maintain your beard at home once it has been professionally groomed.

Beards require regular maintenance that most men prefer to do on their own. Because of this, even if you plan to do most of your grooming at home we still recommend the occasional trip to the barber for their expert care.

If you want to trim your beard at home, it's important to have the right tools. These are the items you'll need for your grooming toolkit:


Ideally, you should buy a pair of scissors for barbering.

Beard trimmer:

There is a wide variety of trimmers, from cordless and rechargeable models to corded or battery-operated models. You can shop around to find the one that suits your needs and budget.

Combs with fine or wide teeth:

These are essential tools for grooming beards and maintaining moustaches.



  • Determine your beard shape. This is particularly important when you are growing your facial hair for No Shave October.
  • Keep your beard trimmed in the same direction it grows. Choose the shape and length of your beard that suits you best. This is especially important if your beard grows longer than normal or you are participating in Movember or No Shave Nov.
  • Cut your sideburns, and trim any hairs growing from your cheeks beyond your beard line.
  • Sculpt your hair with a razor, or a very close-cutting trimmer.
  • Apply a touch-up to the lips making sure that no hairs extend beyond them. Follow this up with precise trimming of your nostrils.

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