Tips for Perfecting Your Short Beard Care Routine

Tips for Perfecting Your Short Beard Care Routine

It's very simple. To create the perfect beard care routine, you just need to follow a few steps:

How to Grow a Beard

Let's start off by debunking some common myths.

Beard oils/supplements: These products are often worth the money. They give your skin the environment it needs to grow hair. To grow a beard, eat a healthy diet and moisturize your skin regularly.

It can take several weeks to grow a beard. Many people recommend growing a beard during Christmas or on a summer vacation. The awkward stages of facial growth can make your hair look uneven and straggly.

Shaving does not accelerate growth. Optimizing your health is the best way to increase thickness. To stimulate the follicles, use a soft brush.

Your Short Beard Care Routine

A good routine for beard care includes using a good moisturizer on your skin and a beard shampoo. You can treat the dry, itchy, and dulled skin on your neck and chin with a combination of a good moisturizer and a quality beard shampoo. Also, you should clean your beard regularly.

Feed Your Beard

An important part of your short beard care routine is to feed and condition your beard to keep it healthy.

Regularly condition your beard with beard oil to keep it soft and shiny. It also moisturizes your skin beneath your beard, which helps to control flakes and prevents itchiness. Your beard will only be as healthy and beautiful as the skin beneath it.

Your pores will be more open after a shower and your skin will absorb more of what you apply to it. Applying beard oil and beard butter together will lock in moisture, making a powerful deep conditioning treatment that will last all night. We guarantee you will wake up with a softer and stronger beard.

Balm for the beard. Balm can be found in a small tin. It will moisturize your skin while giving you some shaping power. Balm can also be used to smoothen out a scraggly beard. It usually has a butter base -- typically mango or Shea. Most have other oils or scents. Many of our customers prefer balms even though beard oils gets more attention, as it's easier to transport (since it's not a liquid) and far less messy (since it's not an oil).

How to Clean a Beard

Beardruff is feared by all bearded bros. It instantly transforms a well-groomed man into a grubby caveman.

Second, beardruff is often caused by dry skin underneath your facial fluff. Beards not only protect your cheeks from the sun, wind and rain but also act as a barrier to basic skin-care routines.

Beard soap or wash is highly recommended. These products, unlike regular shampoos are designed to clean and condition your beard's follicles. The harsh chemicals in hair shampoo can strip away your skins natural oils, so you need to make sure your beard is hydrated. 

We recommend using beard shampoo 2-3 times per week, just like the hair on your head. This is a daily routine for your beard. On other days, you can wash it with water.

When to Trim Your Beard

First, take your time. Rushing to trim and shave your beard can lead to disaster.

Regular beard trimming is a must, even if the barber does it every time you visit. This way, your beard will take on the shape you prefer, and stay healthy and strong.

Also, if you are growing towards a certain look, it will be easier to groom your beard at home if you have the final style and a guideline in mind.

The frequency you have to trim your entire beard depends on how quickly your hair grows and how thick your beard is. 

The best method for you is the one that suits you. This task can be accomplished with trimming scissors or a multifunctional beard trimmer. It doesn't matter what tool you use; just ensure that it is sharp and clean.

Use a grooming razor to trim your beard every other week to minimize strays and shape your beard.

Pay attention to your neckline

Not paying attention to the neckline is one of the biggest mistakes men make when growing a short beard. Many men with shorter beards cut their hair to just below the chin.

Your ideal length for a short beard should not exceed a finger width above your Adam's apple. This is to hide the little bit of fat that covers your throat. This makes a shorter beard appear fuller.

Make sure your neckline is symmetrical. Otherwise, it can throw off your face's balance and make it look wacky. You can visit your barber to have your neckline trimmed symmetrically for the first time.

Then, you can use that line to guide you in maintaining your hair over the next few weeks. You can return to the barber whenever you need it to be symmetrical.

Grooming Your Beard

You might be thinking that a beard is easy to grow because it requires little maintenance. Although it takes work, there are a few steps that can make your beard the envy of all others.

After 1-2 weeks of growth, beard care should start to take a part. It can easily fit into your current skincare routine with just a few tweaks. The following are the essential elements of a basic beard care regimen.

Beard care should be a part of your daily routine. It shouldn't take longer than five minutes to do. You may also want to trim your beard on a regular basis to avoid overgrown, unruly bushes. Rinse your beard daily.

After applying beard butter or oil, beard balm can be used to style and tame your beard. While butter and oil can hold your beard in place, the benefit of beard balm is its ability to add volume and make it look thicker. This product can be used to manage a thin, patchy, or unruly beard. 

To finish the look, brush your beard with a beard brush. Do not reach too deeply into your beard with the bristles as this can cause waves in your hair.

Proper grooming should keep your beard and moustache silky soft.

While there are some benefits to brushing, excessive brushing can cause split ends and damage the facial hairs you have worked so hard for.

Find the best style for your face shape

Find Your face shape

There are many styles of beards that work well for different faces. The best short beards fit the shape of the owner's face. To determine the best style for you, find out what your face shape is.

Some styles of short beards focus on trimming the sideburns and growing out goatees. A slightly bushy goatee can give the appearance of a larger chin. For those with weak bone structures, well-trimmed sideburns can create a more defined jawline.

Boar bristle brush is recommended

You don't need to comb your beard if it's short. A quality boar's hair beard brush will allow you to manage your facial hairs if you have a short beard. You can also use it to help your hair grow in the right direction.

A boar bristle beard brush is not only for styling purposes, but also has many other benefits. The stiff boar bristles reach every part of your face, making it a great beard brush.

Boar bristle brushes can be used to remove dead skin cells, dirt, oils, and other impurities. These debris can cause irritation, itching, and breakouts if left untreated. The bristles have gentle exfoliating properties for the skin.

As an added bonus they are a great way to massage your skin underneath and promote blood flow. Which as you know helps to promote beard growth.

If you have ever had beard dandruff, this beard product will blow your mind!

Add Shine

You should aim to use high quality products. Do your research on the products you are thinking about buying. 

Don't set your self up for failure. Your beard will look and feel greasy if you use cheap oils or balms. Cheap combs can have a moulding flash at the root and along the length of its teeth, which can lead snagging and a ruined beard.

Apply some beard balm or beard oil next. Conditioning agents can be more easily absorbed if applied to damp hair. Grab you beard brush and make sure they are applied evenly to your beard. Also, we're about to get a hairdryer, so these products can help protect your hair as you heat it.

Avoid Natural Enemies

Your beard is also susceptible to sweating, which can cause excess sebum. Itchy and dry beards can result from sweat, which is made up of proteins and salts. Salt pulls moisture from hair and skin, and proteins react with bacteria.

One of the keys here is to make sure you keep your beard fresh and clean.

Choose The Right Beard Brush

We've already mentioned some of the benefits of a quality beard brush if you have a short beard. But we wanted to cover this important tool in a bit more detail here. Before you take a shower, it is important to first dry brush your beard.

Pre-shower exfoliation with a boar bristle is helpful in maintaining a healthy beard.

Use a soft bristle brush (preferably boar's hair), to gently rub your skin under your beard. This stimulates blood flow, and the follicles. It feels good.

Quality products are important. Real animal hairbrushes are better for your hair/face, as are stainless steel combs; plastic ones can create some static frizz.


With the No Shave November campaign, and the rise in popularity of the stylish slash lumberjack look, beardsmen are making a comeback. Many men have discovered that there are several styles of beards that suit them. Short beards can give off a sophisticated and polished look if styled and groomed properly.