Should You Brush Your Beard Before or After Beard Oil

With the holidays coming up, there’s a lot of pressure to look great in all those pictures! So when it comes to your beard care, there are certain things you want to know so you can keep that beard looking healthy, full and thick.
Should You Brush Your Beard Before or After Beard Oil

You've probably heard of the importance beard oil and grooming. There is a lot of confusion around how to use this product. Do you need to brush your beard before or after applying the oil?

It is not an accident to have a well-maintained beard. Although some men naturally have neater beards than others, most people need help maintaining their beards. This is where beard brushes or beard combs can help.

Experts agree that oil should be applied first, then brushed with a boar bristle brush. It's not difficult to apply beard oil. And it's unlikely that you will harm your beard by doing the same thing. There are steps to follow if you want the best out of your products.

Let's look at the many benefits of using beard oil before brushing and why it is the best way to maintain your beard's health.


  • Experts recommend using a beard brush for short beards. A beard brush is a great tool to help you manage your whiskers and get them to grow in the right direction early on your beard-growing journey.
  • A brush is a great tool for cleaning and conditioning your beard, especially if it has boar bristles, or bristles from another animal hair type. Brushes distribute the natural oils of your face and beard evenly and are great for getting rid of dirt and grime trapped in your whiskers during the day.
  • The bristles of a brush reach beneath the beard and pull out dead skin cells, oil build-up, and hair that aren't growing as well as possible.
  • A brush is not necessary during the early stages of a beard, when stubble first starts to grow. When you begin to notice "bed beard", you will know it is time to use tools like a brush.
  • A beard brush is better than a regular comb to give your beard an even fuller and thicker appearance. To give your beard a fuller look, the bristles of the brush lift your hair from the skin.
  • A brush is the best choice if you want to groom your beard after it has dried completely. Brushing wet hair can pull too hard on them and cause them break.
  • Using a brush can help "train" your beard to grow in the desired direction. It also makes grooming easier.

Why you should brush your beard after applying Beard Oil

Ok, so beard oil is important. But why should it be applied before you brush your beard? 

People fear that by using the oil first, and then brushing their hair, they will ruin the brush they have paid a lot for.

The beard oil can be applied before you brush your hair. This will have many benefits and improve the appearance and feel of your facial hair. 

Spreads the oils evenly

Apply the oil first, then go on to brush your beard. The bristles draw the oils from your skin along the length of your hair.

To reap the benefits of the oil, it must be evenly spread along the beard from the roots to ends.

brushing beard

Reduces breakage

The oil should be applied first to protect the hair shaft. The hair becomes softer and straightens when it is relaxed. Your hair will be less likely to breaking when you brush it through.

It's important to use the oil before brushing.

Easier to style

Your beard will look more natural if your hairs are relaxed. You won't have to brush as often if you apply oil before brushing. This will reduce the chance of over brushing.

You will also be able to save time on your daily routine. It is important to make your grooming routine efficient.

Making the Most of Your Product

You can use less oil by brushing your beard with the oil. Only a few drops of oil will suffice to coat your entire beard.

If you apply beard oil before brushing your beard you will notice that your bottle of oil will last for longer periods of time, and you won't need to buy it as often. This will help you save money over the long-term.

What Happens When You Brush Your Beard Before Oil?

Yes, oil first, then brush second is the preferred method. In fact, we recommend that you brush it both before and after.

Before, to remove any excess products and to help remove any dirt and dandruff before you apply some oil.  

However, a quick note here.  This is just a gentle brushing to prepare your beard for beard oil.

It's unlikely your hair will become irreparably damaged if you do the reverse.

However, brushing your beard before applying oil can cause some problems.

Causes Breakage

Brushing your facial hair without oil softening it first can cause breakage. Your beard will look less healthy and duller, as well as prone to breakage.

Be careful when you brush your beard without oil. Over brushing or brushing too fast can increase the likelihood of this happening.

Causes Spots

First, apply oil to your skin, and then rub it in. This helps to distribute the oils to your hair shafts and ends.

Applying the oil after brushing your beard will not evenly distribute it. This can lead to oil buildup in one part of your face. This can cause spots when oil builds up in one spot.

Waste of Product

Beard oil can be wasted if it is not applied and not brushed through. This is because the product is not distributed to all parts of your beard.

You will see a decrease in the benefits of beard oil, as your product will eventually run out.

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