How Often To Use Beard Oil For Best Results

We get asked this question all the time from customers: "How often should you apply beard oil?" When discussing beard oil, there are many factors to consider, including ingredients, climate, beard size, quality, and cost. These are some of the factors you should consider when you decide how often to use beard oil.


Beard oil, is a leave in beard conditioner, and should be used frequently to keep your facial hair soft, hydrated, and attractive. Premium Beard Oils have natural ingredients that moisturize the skin at the root of the hair, which will prevent dreadful beard dandruff and soothe scratchy beards and itchy skin.

So, how often should you use beard oil? Well, it all depends on your individual needs.

Not enough can make your beard feel dry. Too much will make it feel oily.

But, I will give you the best guidelines, and then you can modify them to meet your personal needs.

 It is important to start with the basics.

To ensure that your facial hair is clean, use Kingly Beard Shampoo or Face, Beard and Moustache soap. This will give you the best foundations for the beard oil. After your beard is cleaned and towel dried, you can apply Kingly Beard Oil.


It is important to consider your shower schedule and when you apply beard oils. There are many reasons why some people shower in the morning, while others shower in the evening.

We have all heard arguments about whether we should or shouldn't shower every day. Although we are not here to offer showering advice, we recommend that you use beard oil after washing.

Cheap soap and hot water almost always sap the moisture from your skin and beard. Quality beard oils condition the facial hair and help retain moisture. We recommend that you towel dry your hair and then apply the oil to your skin before you begin brushing/combing your beard. This will help reduce tugging and pulling.


Apply the beard oil after you have washed your face with Kingly Beard Wash. The hot water will open the pores and make it easier to absorb.

I personally, prefer applying oil at least 2-3 hours before bed at the latest. This gives my beard and skin time to absorb it and keeps my pillow from becoming oily or greasy. You can experiment to find what works for you.

Pat dry your beard gently with a towel. Don't rub too hard as this could cause hair to pull out.

Next, apply a few drops to the palm of your hands. Then rub your hands together to achieve full coverage.

Next, slide your hands across your beard and the underside while massaging the beard oil to the roots. This will moisturize any dry skin.

After you're satisfied with the amount of beard oil in your hair, use a comb to gently comb/brush it through. If you're looking for a premium Beard comb or brush check out our selection below


Are you in the sunny, humid south or in the dry, cold Rocky Mountains? While some people spend their time outdoors in the cold or sun, others prefer to remain indoors in controlled settings. These factors, along with your natural dryness, can impact how often or how frequently you apply beard oil. If you use a quality beard oil, the average man will only need 1-3 applications to soften the beard and refresh it for the day.


We have seen more beard and grooming companies incorporate plant-based natural ingredients into their products over the years. Even though they are more expensive, quality concentrated natural ingredients provide better results and are easier on the pocket.

Low-grade oils can contain water and synthetic chemicals that can thin the oil. This can cause you to run out of oil and have to come back for more within two weeks. Concentrated oils, on the other hand, will last approximately 4 weeks.

At Kingly Beardz we use the following premium ingredients:


Avocado oil used on the scalp helps reduce dandruff. Protects beard from environmental damage, including pollution, sunlight, seawater, and chlorine that can dry out your beard.


Cherry Kernel Oil is absolutely amazing to use on your skin, hair & nails. It is a stable emollient oil , high in oleic acid & contains natural antioxidants, alpha, delta and gamma tocopherols plus vitamins A & E.


Abyssinian oil improves hair's manageability, shine, and moisture, and, as a bonus, acts as a shield against irritants.


In social situations, the face is what people notice first . It's not your hair. No matter if you have a beard that is young and scruffy or a beard that is more mature, you should give your beard the same love as you give your hair. Quality beard oils will last longer and make bearded men happier.


Beard oil is a far more ancient product than most people realize. It is an ancient remedy, containing essential oils that have antibacterial and viral properties.

Modern beard oils have been enriched with vitamins, antioxidants, and other nutrients that promote healthy hair and skin. Premium beard oils prevent itchy skin and breakouts caused by dandruff.

Regularly applying beard oil has additional benefits:

  • Silkier, stronger beards that are less susceptible to breakage
  • The touch is more soft and luxurious
  • It's so much easier to groom
  • Less skin irritation
  • May stimulate hair growth

Premium beard oils containing essential oils increase circulation and support keratin levels, making the hairs healthier as they grow.


The following guide will help you and is based on how long your beard is


For anyone just beginning to grow a beard, I recommend 1-2 drops of beard oil if your beard is between stubble and 1 cm. This will provide enough coverage to condition your hair.


This is the most common length for beards. For this length, I recommend using a few drops to coat your palm until you have approximately the same amount as a dime. This should cover your facial hair.


Personal preference is key here. In this range I suggest you start with about a dime size amount and slowly work up from there. It may take some trial and error to find the right amount. However, it is not a scientific process.


Start by putting a few drops in your palm. It should be about the same size as a dime. This is enough for most beard sizes. Beard oil does not evaporate. However, it is absorbed by the skin. You don't want to use too much as it can block pores and cause skin to become greasy, making it easy for spots to form. Start small, then increase your application as needed.

We have 


We recommend giving your beard a little love every day, if you want to have a healthy and attractive beard. This will help to prevent split ends, dead ends, and other common problems such as beard dandruff. If you're looking to spend a relaxing weekend at home, you can give your beard a break.

I personally, prefer applying oil at least 2-3 hours before bed at the latest. This gives my beard and skin time to absorb it and keeps my pillow from becoming oily or greasy. You can experiment to find what works for you.


It all depends on how active and how well-maintained your grooming routine is. Apply beard oil at minimum twice per day. This is the basic rule of thumb. Apply beard oil to your skin after you have taken a morning shower.

After you have washed your face, apply beard oil to your face when you return home. Be aware that beard oil should only be used after you have finished your workout, or if you are very active during the day.

Thank you for reading. Your support and time are greatly appreciated.

Beard Oil F.A.Q 

How Much Beard Oil to Use

The size of your beard will determine how much oil you need. For stubble, you will need 2 to 4 drops. You can use 5-6 drops for a medium-sized mane. You can use 6-8 drops for a long beard. You can experiment with the amounts until you find what works best for your beard. Remember that the goal is to keep your beard natural and tamed. If you use too much oil, your beard can look heavy and wet. Too much oil will cause your beard to look dry and unattractive.

When to Use Beard Oil

After shampooing your beard or washing your face, is the best time to use beard oils. Beard oil can be absorbed more effectively if it is applied to your skin when your pores open. You can use beard oil daily or every other day. Check out this article for more information on when to use beard oil for best results.

How Often to Use Beard Oil

Beard Oil & Beard Balm: How frequently should I use it? Your lifestyle will determine how often you apply Beard Oil. However, we recommend using it once per day. This will help keep your beard strong and healthy. Not using beard oil regularly can cause dry beards, which can lead to beard itchiness and soreness. Check out this article for more information on How Often to Use Beard Oil for Best Results.

Where to Buy Beard Oil

Beard oil can be just as important as the products you use. Although some men prefer to shop in stores for their beard oil, many guys will purchase it online. Many of the reasons for this are due to the fact some retailers don’t stock all the best brands and all-natural varieties.

If you are looking for all-natural, organic beard oil check out our selection of Kingly Beard Oil.

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