Best Beard Styles for Square Faces

Some men have a square face shape. If that's you, you're in luck. Here are the top beard styles for round faces in 2022 for you to choose from.
Best Beard Styles for Square Faces

You have a square face and you're looking for the perfect beard style. We can help you find the best beard styles for square faces.

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Square Face Shape

Best beard styles for square faces - Kingly Beardz
A square face shape means that your face height is slightly higher than the width. However, this doesn't make it look like a round face. Instead of having round features, you have defined and chiseled features.

This is a great face features to have, and you may not want to conceal them with facial hair.

You should instead look for short, square-shaped beards that enhance your jawline and chin.

Let's take a closer look:

How To Determine if Your Face Is Square Shape

To determine if your face has a round or square shape, you must measure it.

Measure the following:

  • Face height (from chin to hairline).
  • Forehead width, from temple to temple.
  • Cheekbone width: (from the edge to the edge under your eyes).
  • Jawline width

Square-shaped Faces are when:

How to measure your face to know if you have a square face
  • Your forehead, jaw and cheekbones should be close together
  • Your face's height is approximately 1-1.5 times your widest point.
  • Your jawline angle is not sloping, but sharp and tight.
  • Your face is not round, it has defined features.

Beard Style Tips for Square Faces

A square-shaped, square-shaped jawline is visually appealing and attractive. This is a feature that is common to almost all square-faced men (unless they are extremely overweight).

When choosing a beard style, square-faced men should not hide or exaggerate their jawline.

This basically means that square faces look best with stubble and short beard styles, such as light stubble, medium stubble or heavy stubble beards, BeardStache and short boxed hair, goatee and so forth.

If your jawline appears too angular, you might consider growing a longer beard to round out your jawline. This will help to hide the overly angular angles.

To add length to your face, a square beard should be cut shorter at the sides than at the chin. Keep the shape slightly more round (rather than square) at your chin to increase proportion. Sharp angles will highlight your features. You can either grow your full beard or just a mustache and goatee. 

What Beard Styles for Square Faces

A square face shape is usually not very tall. It's actually almost the same as the round face shape, but with sharp angles.

Avoid beard styles that increase width or roundness in your face. They will make your square face appear more round and boyish.

Stubble Beards

It is obvious that a square face with defined features and attractive features is visually appealing. Stubby beards are also very popular as they rank highest in comparison to some other beard styles.

A stubble of any length will fit a square-shaped face well. It doesn't conceal anything.

A stubble beard will only slightly enhance your jawline, cheeks and neckline but not exaggerate or distinguish any features.

One of the three main types of stubble beards that fit a square face:

  • Short stubble (5 o’clock shadow): Takes a day for it to grow to
  • Medium stubble (designer), takes 2-3 days to grow
  • Heavy stubble: Also known as "The 10 Day Beard"


man with beardstache - kingly beardz
A BeardStache is a stubble beard combined with a thick, thick mustache.

This mustache looks great with square faces. It doesn't hide your jawline and gives your face some masculine scruff.

The BeardStache won't look as good on a round-shaped face with a weaker jawline.

You will need to grow your stubble in just 10 days. However, it can take up to two months to grow enough mustache hairs for this look.


man with goatee - kingly beardz
You may be unable to grow facial hair well on your cheeks. If so, you might consider beard styles that only require hair on your chin or mustache. These are much easier to grow.

The goatee, or circle beard is a classic style that's timeless. It also suits square-shaped faces very well.

Although it can hide your slanted jawline, it won't hide the masseter muscle or your jawline.

A goatee can also add height to your face. This is a nice feature, as a square face is usually a small one.

There are many types of goatees, so be on the lookout for our guide on the Goatee beard style.

Short Boxed Beard

man with short boxed beard - kingly beardz

As I have said before, square faces don't like to be hidden. This is why full beard styles that are too long shouldn't be used.

If you insist on growing a full-face beard, a shorter boxed style is the best.

It's because it's shorter than usual to show your natural angled jawline. Also, it has a slightly higher neckline than normal, which goes well with the sharp angles in the square face.

Two versions of the short-boxed beard are

  • High-boxed version with a cheek line as high and natural as it grows
  • The low-boxed version. The cheekline is shaved 1'' lower than usual.

Low-boxed versions are better, because they expose more of the defined cheekbones common to square-shaped men.

A short boxed beard is half an inch long, meaning it takes approximately a month for it to grow (if we take the average beard growth rate at 1/2 inch per month).

A short, neat beard with sharp edges is the key characteristic of a boxed beard.

The Balbo Beard

man with balbo beard - kingly beardz
This beard style was named after Italo Balbo (an Italian politician), and features a thick full mustache with chin hair.

You will need to shave between the beard and the mustache a half-inch apart.

This beard style is a great choice for square-faced men because it favors the face shape...

  1. it doesn't hide the jawline.
  2. It adds length to your face thanks to the chin beard.

There are many Balbo beard styles, but the most popular is the one that measures 1 to 2 inches. This means it takes approximately two months to grow.

The Van Dyke Beard

man with van dyke beard - kingly beardz
Anthony van Dyck (17th century painter) gave the Van Dyke beard its name. He wore a thick, curled-up mustache with a sharp pointed chin beard.

This is a great beard style for square faces, and it's largely because of the same reasons why the Balbo beard works so well...

Van Dyke doesn't conceal your jawline. It adds length to the small face, which is common with the square face.

It takes approximately two months to grow a Van Dyke beard. typically has a length of 1-2 inches .


Some men have a square face shape. If that's you, you're in luck. Here are the top beard styles for round faces in 2022 for you to choose from.