Beard Grooming Tips Without Going to a Barber

Beard Grooming Tips Without Going to a Barber

Your face is the first part of your body people look at when they see you. Even with a three-piece suit and nice haircut, a bad beard is likely to lower your good looks.

Therefore, it is important to keep the hair trimmed, cleaned, and styled to get that  million-dollar look.

A lot of people struggle with this since going to the barber is not convenient right now. However, you can maintain an attractive beard at home with a few simple tricks. Having a routine is also fundamental to ensuring you maintain the look.

Below are tips to help you achieve this goal.

Clean. Clean. Clean.

Cleaning is the first step in every grooming plan. When was the last time you thoroughly cleaned your beard? It is normal to shampoo your hair when showering frequently. It is time to apply the routine to your beard as well.

Make beard wash or beard soap your friends when it comes to this part of your body. You need to pay special attention to your beard and moustache. Carefully apply the beard wash or soap and massage the area thoroughly but gently.

Rinse off the product and apply a generous amount of conditioner. There are specific products for your whiskers. Please do not settle for regular products as they may not achieve the intended purpose.

One rule of thumb is to rinse off the products with lots of water to prevent flaking when it dries. A leave-in conditioner, also known as beard balm or butter, is one way to stay clean and healthy.

Trim Your Beard Regularly.

Beard hair can grow faster or slower depending on each person. However, it would help if you always trimmed it so that it has a nice shape.

As the hair grows, most of it will grow out of shape hence making you look lazy. Don’t have that look.

A scraggly beard is likely to cause you to lose job opportunities. And let’s face it. People will immediately form an opinion about you based on your looks. So, do you want your beard to say that you’re lazy or that you take care of yourself?

Your first goal, in this case, should be to get a trimmer. If possible, you can assemble a grooming kit depending on your interests. The items are affordable and easy to use.

You can trim the beard a few weeks apart or weekly to make the work easier every time. For the first time, start slowly and shape your beard gradually. Remember you are trying to shape your beard NOT cut it off.

One general rule when trimming is never to touch your beard when it's wet. Sufficiently dry your hair before cutting it. The strategy helps to cut the exact length that you need to cut. Hair shrinks when wet hence you might cut more than you meant to (ekkkk).

Always Have A Style In Mind.

Unfortunately, not everyone can grow a full beard. The amount of facial hair varies from one person to the other, depending on genetics.

A beard is a fashion statement hence it should always align with your face shape and personal style. The styles you chose will play a huge role in enhancing or demeaning your appearance.

Before you start trimming, it is critical to study your face. Is it around or angular shaped? Let your beard speak for itself. If you are growing one, give it time to define itself then you will get a better clue of the desired style.

The list of styles is endless. To make work easier, compile a couple of faces of people with similar face shapes like yours. You will get a clear picture of the appropriate size and shape.

Settle For A Simple Routine

Apart from trying to maintain an attractive and clean beard, you probably have a thousand other things to work on each day. The only way to keep up with the task is to adopt a simple routine.

A complicated approach might help you achieve the goal, but you will look less groomed without frequent practice. Come up with a manageable technique and ensure you always follow it.

A simple routine that works for millions of beardsmen is:

1. Wash your beard while in the shower.

2. Comb / Brush your beard to shape it

3. Trim beard with scissors (weekly) for shape

4. Apply Beard Balm, Butter, or Oil to keep beard hydrated

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