Beard Balm or Oil First? The Science Says You Should Start With The Beard ......

The beard balm or oil first debate has been raging among guys since forever. One of the most popular questions we get is whether to use beard balm or oil first. And the answer is actually pretty simple: the science says you should start with the beard......
beard balm or oil first

One of the most popular questions we get is whether to use beard balm or oil first. And the answer is actually pretty simple: the science says you should start with the beard oil.

This article will compare beard balm vs oil, and will explore what each type of beard treatment does.

The beard balm or oil first debate has been raging among guys since forever.

What is Beard Balm?

Beard balm is a moisturizing, soothing cream that protects, nourishes and makes your beard soft and shiny. Beard Balm is made from natural, all-natural ingredients, such as avocado oil, shea butter, beeswax, honey, vitamin E and Vitamin C, which helps stimulate hair follicles to produce new growth.

With the addition of bee propolis, a natural form of glue, it provides long-lasting protection from the elements. Because it’s made with naturally derived ingredients, Beard Balm is safe for your skin and your beard unless you're allergic to one of these products.

man holding bottle of beard oil

What is Beard Oil?

The term 'beard oil' has no exact definition, but it usually describes a thick, greasy substance used to soften and moisturize hair and skin on the face. Beard oils are commonly made of a mixture of natural oils and waxes.

When you think of beard oil, you’re probably imagining something a little thicker, thicker than water. It’s something that you’re going to rub into your beard and scalp, and it feels great when you do it. It moisturizes your skin and prevents you from getting that dry, scruffy feeling on the back of your neck.

man holding bottle of beard oil

Beard Balm Benefits

It's great for your skin. Since it's made with naturally derived ingredients, it doesn't contain any harsh chemicals, dyes or preservatives. It's also good for your skin because it contains avocado oil which helps with your complexion and skin care. If you have sensitive skin, beard balm is especially beneficial because it contains the right amount of ingredients to soothe and protect your skin.

It is great for your beard. It makes your beard softer and shinier. It keeps your beard hydrated. It helps prevent beardruff.

It's a great beard starter product. It's perfect for when you're just starting out.

How Does Beard Oil Work?

Beard oil is a thick liquid that penetrates the hair shaft and works its way up into the root, allowing it to moisturize and condition your beard, helping it grow longer, stronger and fuller.

Beard oil contains a cocktail of vitamins, minerals and oils that nourish your beard and helps your beard to be more manageable and manageable.

It also adds shine and protects the hair shaft, helping to prevent split ends.

Beard Oil vs Balm: Why not use both for great results?

You're sitting there wondering why you should spend $25 for a tiny bottle of balm that you'll hardly see. There are many reasons why you should use both. For starters, both products can be used on your beard as well as other parts of your face. Also, both products are meant to moisturize, but a beard oil is better for moisturizing your skin, while a balm will primarily moisturize beard and also make it easier to style and groom.

How to use Beard Oil & Beard Balm in a beard care routine

Many guys love to groom their facial hair, but if it gets dry and flaky, it can be a real pain. Not only is it frustrating, but it also makes you look unkempt. There’s a simple solution to this problem, and it’s called beard oil. These oils, made from natural oils extracted from different plants, are extremely useful in keeping your beard soft and manageable. They’re also incredibly effective at preventing beardruff, which can be really annoying. Beard balm is the perfect complement to beard oil. This stuff isn’t made from petroleum or other harmful chemicals. It’s also designed to moisturize your face and neck, which means you’re also getting the

How Do You Use Beard Balm and Beard Oil Together?

Here are the 4 simple steps you need to follow when applying beard balm.  If you want a more detailed explanation check out these articles When To Use Beard Oil For Best Results and

How Often To Use Beard Balm For Best Results. 

1. Start with a clean/damp beard.  Contrary to popular belief, beard care products do NOT provide moisture.  Instead, they help lock in moisture.  So, applying them to a dry beard actually locks in dryness.

2. Put 1 - 2 drops (or pumps) of beard oil in your palm and rub your hands together.

3. Apply beard oil to your skin

4. Use a brush to distribute the oil throughout your beard.

5. Take out a dime or pea-sized amount of beard balm

6. Melt the product in your hands

7. Apply to your skin first 

8. Apply to your beard

9. Use a brush or comb to help distribute the balm throughout your beard.

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