7 + 1 Beard Styles For Round Faces

7 + 1 Beard Styles For Round Faces

When choosing the right beard style, it is important to consider your facial structure and shape. Certain styles may not look right on certain faces, so it is important to know which style would be best for you. Round faces are more complex because they don't have a definitive jaw bone structure. This makes the face look less masculine. These are the best beard styles for round faces, 2022.

For round faces, the key is to make your face appear longer. If you have a round face shape, here are some great beard styles.

Round Face Shape

  • With a short height, the forehead has a round shape (hence its name).
  • The sides curve slightly outwards to create a round shape to the faces
  • A round chin with a rounded jawline and a lower than normal height of the cheek

The round face shape is distinguished by its short and round features. All other face shapes are taller than they are wide. But the round face shape is the same or very close to it in terms of its horizontal and vertical length.

Men who have round faces tend to have similar widths in the forehead, cheekbones and outside edges of their jawline (the mandible).

Knowing if your Face is Round Shaped

The only way to determine if your face is round or square is to measure it yourself.

Take the following measurements:

  • One from the bottom of your chin to your forehead (from your temple edges),
  • One from your cheekbones, the outermost edges beneath your eyes,
  • And one from your jawline.

A round-shaped face is

How to measure your face to know if you have a round face

  • It is the height of your jaw, cheekbones or forehead.
  • Widths of the forehead and cheekbones, as well as the jaw, are equal or near each other.
  • Your facial features, such as your jawline, are not sharpened/angular.

Style Tips for Round Faces

For men with round faces, styling a beard can be difficult. The appearance of a round face can be altered by a well-styled beard. It can look slimmer, longer, or more plump. It is vital to find the best style and size for your face.

We'll show you how to style your beard with round cheeks.

Keep Your Cheeks Less Bushy

A full bushy beard makes round cheeks look larger and more chubby, which is natural for those with round cheeks. It's obvious that a stubble-free or neatly shaven face will make your cheekbones appear larger and slimmer.

Make Your Beard Long

A disc-shaped face and dense facial hair won't make you slimmer. The face will look rounder if there is more volume at the sides. A full, sexy beard can be achieved by trimming your strands on the sides and putting more emphasis on the cheekbones.

Keep Your Beard Aligned

A long, thin beard can look great on a round face. Avoid a full beard or a misaligned style of beard. This will highlight your cheeks. To align your beard, you can use scissors, razors, and hot brushes.

Cut Your Beard in Straight Lines

Straight lines will reduce the roundness of your face and make it look slimmer and more defined. A straight cut will result in a more chiseled and slimmed jaw.

Shape The Chops Correctly

The shape of the chops can affect your face shape. If the chops are more straight and less bulky, a round face might appear shorter and thinner. If the chop is too bulky, it shouldn't reach to the cheek.

Grow Beard On Your Neck Area to Hide Your Double Chin

To hide double chins, it is a good idea to have a beard on your neck. You can also make your face appear vertically by adding a neck beard to give it a slimmer look.

What Beard Styles For Round Faces

The best round face shape beard styles should emphasize the jawline and chin.

Your beard style should also have enough height at the bottom, so it gives off the impression of a longer facial shape. It can make your face appear more oval and less round.

Faded beard styles work well for round-faced men. They begin with very short sideburns and gradually grow in length. This will add length to your face and draw attention away form the roundness.

If your face is round, you shouldn't be afraid to try different beard styles. Your face will appear less oval and rounder if you increase your beard length. However, it is important to keep the sides short.

The Ducktail Beard

ducktail beard

When you want to highlight your jaw and chin and make it look more defined, the Ducktail will work.

Ducktail beard: This is a long, full face style with a short side. The mustache connects with the beard and has a strong jawline.

A beard like this is a great choice for round faces. It balances out the roundness by its short sides, long jawline, and long chin.

The chin is shaped like a duck's tail and gives the name. As impressive as this beard style may look, it will take a lot of time to grow (four months or more).

Your Ducktail should be between two and four inches in length. To avoid any damage to your beard, it is recommended to get it trimmed by a professional barber.

Learn more about the Ducktail beard in our complete guide to growing and shaping one.

Faded Beards

faded beard

The beard fade, as it sounds, is a fade between facial hair and hair. Both sides of the fade occur, from the top of the hairstyle to the bottom of the beard. This distinction draws attention to both. A fade at the cheeks is a good option for guys with patchesy areas. A beard fade is great with a shaved hair.

The beard fade combines two major men's hair trends – the beard and – into one sleek and clean look. It can be called a "beard fade" but it can also be referred to as a haircut that incorporates a beard. You can combine any type of fade and length of beard with men's hairstyles to create your own faded bearded look.

This beard style works well for round faces. This beard style is not too bushy at the sides, but gives your face a longer, more diamond-shaped shape.

The Classic Full Beard

classic full beard

A classic is always better, they say. The regular full beard is a great example.

This product is great for any face shape.

A full beard, as long as the sides are not too long, will enhance the jawline and make the face look longer. This makes the face oval rather than round.

Full facial hairs can come in many sizes and shapes. However, they tend to be between 1-4 inches long and are minimally shaped so the sides and jawline are natural.

The Garibaldi Beard

Garibaldi Beard

Garibaldi's beard style is named after Giuseppe Garibaldi an Italian general who had a full-face beard and a wide, rounded bottom.

This is exactly what a Garibaldi modern-day beard looks like. The full-face beard is minimally trimmed and has a long, thick bottom that runs under your jawline. This really gives it some definition and length.

Garibaldi is a great option for round-faced men.

Wasn't it the golden rule to not add width to an already round face?

Yes, yes. However, the beard's width is located at the bottom of your face, not your cheekbones. This doesn't make your face look rounder.

The Garibaldi has such a long beard that it can transform round faces into oval shapes.

Garibaldi's beard can grow to a length of between 2-8 inches. It will take approximately four months for it to grow. If you have a round face, I suggest that you go for the Garibaldi's longer versions right away.



The goatee style is a good choice for round faces. Just make sure to let your chin grow out and shape it into an angle (to increase length).

If you are unable to grow a full beard on your cheeks, then goatee may be the right choice. After all, a little beard is better than none.

A goatee can be small and subtle, but it can help to accentuate your chin and reduce the roundness of your face.

Well-shaped goates can also help to reduce roundness and increase angularity.

Van Dyke

van dyke beard

Van Dyke is a beard style that was inspired by Anthony Van Dyke (17th century flemish artist). He had a pointed-chin beard and a mustache which does not connect to the lower part of his beard.

This is how Van Dyke today looks. A 1-2'' pointed beard and a neatly shaped mustache are the main features of the modern Van Dyke.

It's a great choice for men with round faces.

You bet.

Van Dyke makes your chin appear larger and more defined. It will also frame your face and draw attention away from the round jawline.

The sides and cheeks of this beard style are completely shaved. This adds no width or bulk to an already round face.

The Balbo Beard

The Balbo Beard

Balbo's beard was named after Italy Balbo, a politician.

This beard is very similar to Hollywood's. It features shaved sides and facial hair running along the jawline and down to the connection point below the earlobes. Even the cheek line has been shaved 1-2 inches from the natural place.

There is one thing that distinguishes the Balbo from the Hollywoodian: the beard doesn't connect with the mustache. Instead, there's an obvious 1/2 to 1/4 inch gap between the two.

This is a good style to have a beard for someone with a round face.

Yes, of course.

The Balbo style, just like the Hollywoodian adds length to your face and takes away from your roundness. It makes your face ovaler, much like the Hollywoodian. It also has no width due to its short sides.

The average Balbo mustache is about 1-2 inches long. However, if your face is round, then you can grow it to a longer length.

Long Beards

long beard

For a round face, long beards in all sizes and shapes are ideal. You can add length to your beard and adjust the width to suit you best.


Some men have a round face shape. If that's you, don't worry. Here are the top beard styles for round faces in 2022 for you to choose from.

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