Beard Butter - How It Works For You

There are so many beard products on the market, what makes Beard Butter different? A lot of people are curious to know, and it’s a great time to start using a beard product, if you haven’t already. So here in this article find out how beard butter works.
Beard Butter: How it Works

Even prior to COVID-19 and the peak of the self-isolation phase men were showing an increased interest in growing beards. The fact that many were stuck at home gave them the chance to start out on their journey to their beard of choice, without that sometimes awkward public phase where the beard is growing in being exposed to family, friends and co-workers.

Those growing beards take their style clues from stars of the silver screen, influencers, models and sports stars among others. However once the road to a full beard is chosen then the beard owner needs to take care that his beard is an accurate reflection of his own individual style - and that it remains well-cared for and neat.

One of the ways that those sporting a beard can ensure that their beard is always looking good is to use beard butter. However, most potential users will have questions about the application of beard butter, and its effects on delicate facial skin, as well as other products that can be used with the beard butter. Here are the answers to the most common questions that are asked.

Q: What is Beard Butter?

A: The answer to that question is pretty simple. Beard butter is a type of lotion that is applied to the beard and the skin at the base of the beard in order to nourish both. It also commonly contains an ingredient that will help the wearer sculpt the beard to a certain extent.

Q: How does one use Beard Butter?

A: Commonly facial skin nourishers (of which Bear Butter is one) consist of two components. Firstly there are the oils that are used to nourish the skin, and secondly, there are the Beard Balms that are used to sculpt the beard. Beard Butter falls in between these two products.

Q: Why should I use Beard Butter?

A: The base ingredient of Beard Butter is wax, which is semi-hard and so offers much more control of styling than do other styling products (such as firm gel) usually used on the head. Beard Butters are usually made using shea butter, coconut butter, or cocoa butter - increasingly sustainable sources of butter used for beard maintenance. Although these waxes are at the foundation of quality beard butter, the feel is more like whipped cream than either wax or oil.

Q: How do I use Beard Butter?

Because Beard Butter falls in between waxes and balms. It will offer the skin and hair of the beard nourishment whill still giving it a gentle hold. If you need more aggressive styling then you will have to turn to waxes. Beard Balms, on the other hand, are great to use with Beard Butter as you will get the added benefit of even more nourishment to the beard and skin.

Q: Do I use Beard Butter every Day?

A: It's best to make Beard Butter a part of your daily facial health regimen. However, when first using Beard Butter make sure to also use Beard Oil. This will ensure that you skin gets all the nourishment it needs. Once you are sure your skin is in great shape then you can gradually cut back to only Beard Butter.

Beard Butter is a great way for the increasing number of men sporting beards to look great without the fuss and bother. It is usually pleasantly scented, goes on easily and can transform you beard.

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