How Often Should I Use Beard Butter?

Beard butter can help keep beard hair soft, manageable and smelling great, but how often should you use it? Here’s what you need to know.
How Often Should I Use Beard Butter?

If you're looking to have and maintain a well-groomed, healthy-looking beard, then using beard butter is an essential part of your routine. But have you ever wondered how often you should really be using it in order to reap its full benefits? 

To give yourself the best possible results when it comes to styling and maintaining your look, there are certain things you should consider first. In this blog post we'll discuss why regularly using beard butter pays off and how doing so can help keep your facial hair looking fabulous for longer.

Is it okay to use beard butter every day?

While it can feel strange and greasy at first, using a good quality beard butter every day can have hugely beneficial results. When used regularly, beard butter can contribute to stronger, softer and more voluminous beards - ultimately leaving you looking groomed and stylish for any occasion. 

Not only that, but a daily beard butter application provides all the necessary vitamins and minerals needed for healthy hair growth too. So, if you're serious about taking care of your facial hair, considering using a high-quality beard butter every day.

What's the best time to apply beard butter?

Applying beard butter when your pores are open is the best solution for gaining maximum hydration. After stepping out of the shower, lightly pat your beard dry with a towel and apply a small amount of beard butter to the palms of your hands. Massage the product into both hands, rub your palms together and then throughout your facial hair from root to tip. 

This will help fill in any gaps or areas that lack moisture. Not only does this technique ensure you get every area hydrated but it also distributes the product evenly, leaving you with a voluminous and soft beard.
Should you apply beard butter before sleeping?

Applied after showering, beard butter is an essential part of facial hair grooming. It's completely fine to put on beard butter right before bedtime as well– the butter will help replenish moisture, lock in nutrients and protect beards from damage as you sleep. 

During the night, beard butter can even reduce frizz and split ends so that your beard looks fuller and healthier when morning comes. All these benefits make applying beard butter at night a great habit to incorporate into your daily routine.

Should you use beard butter more than once daily?

Beard butter can help keep a man's facial hair looking full, clean, and well-maintained. However, using it multiple times per day really depends on your daily activities. 

If you are out in the sun all day working outside, then you may need to apply it more than once to prevent dryness and breakage of hairs. On the other hand, if you have an office job that keeps you mostly indoors, one application should suffice for the entire day as long as there is no intense physical activity involved. 

Therefore, it is best to take into consideration your lifestyle and the environment when deciding how often you should use beard butter.

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