Beard Butter - How Much Is Too Much (Or Too Little)

Beard Butter - How Much Is Too Much (Or Too Little) You don't want to use too much or too little. Find out here if you are using beard butter correctly.
how much beard butter to use

COVID-19 had several unexpected outcomes. Thanks to social media it seems as if everyone in America can now bake almost any bread in existence. Secondly, home-brewed Kombucha starter is now a part of every kitchen and thirdly men took a more relaxed attitude toward their beards when working from home during the days of self-isolation.

The result has been an increasing number of men sporting facial hair - and in desperate need of some answers when it comes to keeping their beards looking healthy, and professional and ensuring that their facial skin is in perfect condition.

For most men the, addition of Beard Butter to their daily (or evening) beard care routine can make all the difference to just how attractive their beards appear - and ensure the health of their facial skin.

There are some answers that will ensure that you get the most out of your Beard Butter experience.

Some of the most common questions about Beard are concerned with just how much to apply.

Q: How much Beard Butter Should I be Using?

A) Your application of Beard Butter in the morning (or evening) should be no larger than the size of a dime - and it's best to apply after getting out of the shower (you can apply Beard Butter to damp hair with no problem).

Users need to remember that a little Beard Butter can go a long way. If you come up short, you can always add more. Too much and your beard is going to feel greasy, heavy, and uncomfortable. 

Massage your Beard Butter gently into your beard and face using semi-circular movements. Then use the tips of your fingers to massage further and ensure that you have fully covered the areas where beard and skin connect.

Note: Many men prefer to use Beard Butter before bed as this provides maximum time for the skin to absorb nutrients.

Q: Do I Need To Use a Comb

A: After you have applied your Beard Butter comb or brush it through the beard to ensure that it is evenly distributed. 

Q: What About Beard Oil?

A: Ideally Beard Oil should be applied to the beard prior to the application of the Beard Butter. The Beard Oil should be allowed to absorb for 5 minutes prior to the Beard Butter being applied. Not only will this make the Beard Butter easier to apply, but it will also give skin and beard that healthy boost to both beard and skin to make sure both look great. 

Q: So 'One and Done?

Not quite. Bear Butter should be touched up during the course of the day to ensure that it continues to do its job of hydrating the beard, while the Beard OIl (if you choose to use it) will continue to nourish, condition, and protect the beard and skin.

A beard can totally transform how you look. However, it is essential to use products such as Beard Butter correctly in order to ensure that you (and your beard) get all the benefits it can provide. A great-looking beard is worth a little extra effort using a quality product.

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